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Are you looking for an authentic doll at a fair price? You are at the right place. We recuperate used sex dolls, we repair them, refurbish them and then sell them to you. We do skin repairs and skeleton repairs. We do know sex dolls in and out.

Used sex dolls – The sanitizing process

Our very first step in the process of repairing a doll is to wash her out and sanitize her everywhere. We wash her love holes (vagina, anus, mouth) with a disinfectant (70% isopropyl alcohol) and brushes. We then wash again with anti-bacterial soap, rinse with clean water, and then use pressurized air to completely dry up the cavity.

The body is washed twice with anti-bacterial soap, rinsed, air dried, oiled, and then powdered. Our goal is to refurbish her and bring her back to something as close as possible to a new state.

Used sex dolls – What are you buying exactly?

Some of our dolls are dolls that were barely unboxed and then returned. Some dolls arrived at their destination with some damages, they were immediately returned. Some dolls were used but were returned after a few weeks for different reasons. Some used sex dolls were used for many months and the owner wanted a new one. Some had to get rid of it because it was broken.

In all cases, you will know exactly what you are buying. You will know what repair we did and you will know in what state you will buy your doll. All the information is in the doll’s profile. The prices are decided according to the doll’s state and are not bargainable. All prices are in USD and include the shipping.

Welcome to used sex dolls!

Used sex dolls – FAQ

What brand do you carry?
We carry all authentic and legit brands but mostly Piperdoll, WMdoll, YLdoll, SEdoll.

How often is your stock refurbished?
We can not know exactly. Dolls that are ready to be sold will be shown here. Come back often.

What next model will you have?
We do not know. It is impossible to know in advance what model will be available.

Can you find me a particular model?
I am sorry, we can not. We do not keep any waiting list either. If you wish to have a model that is not currently available, you will need to come back and look often.

What if I receive my doll and I do not like it?
We do not take dolls back. All sales are final.

Do you ship to Europa? Asia? Latin America?
We can only ship to North America

In what currency will I be billed?
You will be billed in USD

Are used sex dolls safe?
Ours are! We take our business seriously and no means are spared to assure you a doll that will be 100% disinfected, sanitized, and thoroughly washed. Our dolls have no smell and we only take back authentic dolls from top factories.

Why should I trust you?
We show you pictures of your doll before we send them to you. What you see is what you get. We can even take pictures of your doll with her holding a sign with your name and date on it to assure you it is indeed that doll you will receive.

How long does it take to receive the doll?
Under normal circumstances, you will receive your used sex doll 3-5 business days after your purchase.

How do I pay?
You can purchase using Paypal or directly with your credit card.

Do you have layaway or payment plans?
Unfortunately, we do not at this moment.

Will my doll be in good condition?
Yes, it will, otherwise we would not sell it. If she still has some minor flaws, it will be indicated in her description.

Can I sell my sex doll here?
NO – We stopped selling dolls directly from the doll owner to the consumer. It was too much work for us. We will try a way to automate the whole process and will allow it again when ready.

Is there any warrantee? What if my doll breaks after 1 month?
There is no warrantee for used sex dolls.

Used sex dolls – In what condition is the doll I am buying?

We are using a color code to inform you of the doll’s condition.

Awesome – Brand new with some minor flaws.
Great – Used in perfect condition.
Good – Used we did some repairs, still has some small flaws.
Fair – Used we did some repairs, still has some flaws.

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